Laser Caries Detection – Diagnodent
Where is the laser caries detection most helpful?

There are instances when x-rays and conventional diagnosis are inadequate for determining whether decay is present. The most questionable areas are in the grooves of the teeth. In the past, a dentist or hygienist would poke at the grooves with a sharp instrument known as an explorer feeling for a “stick”. We now know that we can feel a stick in a tooth with a certain sized groove that may not be decayed at all. The diagnodent laser can detect if there is decay in the grooves of the teeth with a higher degree of accuracy. This means that many teeth that were unnecessarily filled in the past remain untouched now. Also, decay that may have gone undetected in the past is found now before it does greater damage.

How does laser cavity detection help with sealants?

The “Diagnodent” also helps in assuring us that when we place sealants, we are not sealing in decay that would only be detected when it is large and more damaging to the tooth.