Financial Information

We work at your financial pace.

We will always move at a pace that you are comfortable with financially. If you have insurance to help lessen the cost to you, we will structure the pace of the dental work taking that into consideration. However, we do not base our treatment recommendations on the limitations that some insurance plans may impose. It’s more important to have the best possible treatment for any given circumstance than a lesser treatment that may result in more frequent or costly treatment in the future.

We work with insurance plans.

We work with all insurance plans and participate directly with many of the PPO’s. If you have a question about this, you can call our receptionist (732-247-5959) who will gladly provide the information we have available.

We offer Care Credit.

If the dental work you elect to do is more costly and not adequately covered by your insurance, we offer Care Credit. Care Credit will finance some or all of your treatment, sometimes interest free for 12 months.