Crowns or Caps

What is a crown?

A crown (cap) is a restoration used to cover a weak or severely broken down tooth. It protects the remaining tooth structure from further destruction and provides a strong, healthy chewing surface. Placing a crown is like placing a tin can on a fence post to protect the end when it is being hammered into the ground. The crown looks and feels like the tooth did before it was damaged.

What is a crown made of?

Dr. Lee A. Slotkin only places crowns that are made of an all-ceramic material because they most closely restore the shape, appearance and strength of natural teeth.

How is the procedure accomplished?

On the first of 2 visits, the tooth is evaluated for decay, weakened areas and defects. Local anesthesia is administered and then old filling material, decayed and defective tooth is removed. The chewing surface and 4 sides of the teeth are shaped to permit the crown to fit over the tooth without taking up more room than the original tooth. An impression is made of this prepared tooth and is sent to the lab for fabrication. A temporary crown is now placed to protect the tooth while the crown is being made.

On the second visit, the new ceramic crown is fitted and cemented permanently.