Smile Designs and Makeovers

What is a smile design?

Your smile is something that tells the world how you are feeling every day.
A smile design is something different for every person. It should bring balance and symmetry to the entire face and has to be uniquely created for each person.

Is a smile design right for me?

You are a candidate for a smile makeover if you have teeth that are crooked, worn, discolored, chipped ,spaced or a smile that just looks aged and tired.

What does a smile design include?

Since each case is unique, the sequence and methods can vary from patient to patient. A smile makeover can include porcelain laminates, crowns, bondings, tooth colored fillings, gum treatments, implants and braces. The exact combination of procedures depends on the complexity of the case the desired outcome of the patient.

How is this done?

Smile Designs and Makeovers are usually a four-step procedure:

  1. The consultation:
    The goal of this visit is for the doctor to fully understand the results that the patient desires and to formulate a plan to get there. The patient and doctor first discuss in detail the issues with the smile. We need to detail what the patient wants to change and what they do not like. X-rays and molds are made of the teeth. Photos are taken. The photos give a good visual reference which can be manipulated with computer software to approximate the desired result. A mock up is done directly on the teeth in the mouth with a removable and sculptable material. We call this procedure a “trial smile”. This allows us to dynamically try some changes.
    **This visit is to refine the look for the doctor and patient. When the general design is agreed upon, a formal treatment plan is created.
  2. The preparation visit:
    The teeth are shaped in accordance with the overall plan, molds of the prepared teeth are made and temporaries are placed. The temporaries are then refined to accurately reflect the exact design of the final case and are recorded with photographs and molds for the lab to copy.
  3. The placement visit:
    The temporaries are removed and the final case is placed on the teeth. Fit, shape, color and overall design are evaluated by the doctor and patient to see if all expectations have been met. If any changes are still indicated the case may be sent back to the laboratory if necessary for correction. The case does not go in nor is it completed until both the patient and the doctor are satisfied with the result.
  4. The follow up visit:
    This visit is to take care of any small details and make any small refinements deemed necessary.

Dr. Slotkin has performed hundreds of smile makeovers.

Dr. Slotkin has spent many hours training at the best courses learning how to perform this procedure predictably. He has done hundreds of cases over the last 20 years and has documented results from many different situations.