Dentistry for Children

Healthy baby teeth are essential to children’s overall health and development. Tooth decay or cavities are the most chronic childhood ailment. So, it is vital that children have dental visits when they start to have teeth.

What do we check?

First we check the baby teeth for decay, missing teeth, infections, alignment and homecare just as we do for adults. Then we check for habits such a tongue thrust and lip or thumb sucking that can cause problems with jaw development and tooth alignment. Next, we do an overall assessment of diet and fluoride intake.

What services do we perform?

All children get regular cleanings, check ups and fluoride treatments. Newly erupted permanent teeth, especially the molars, may receive sealants if the surface grooves are likely to trap food and decay. Decayed teeth are treated just like in adults with tooth colored fillings. Deeply decayed baby teeth may need a pulpotomy if the decay extends into the nerve. A pulpotomy removes the decayed and infected nerve tissue but allows the tooth to be retained until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. Stainless Steel Crowns are prefabricated crowns especially suited to be placed over baby teeth that have had pulpotomies or very large fillings that compromise the strength of the tooth.

How do we make children comfortable?

The biggest challenge with children is being able to allay their fears and treat them carefully and without pain. We encourage parents to bring their children with them when they are having cleanings to acclimate them to the sounds, smells and sights in the office. When children are comfortable with their surroundings, the dental visit is always uneventful regardless of the procedure.