Comprehensive Exam

Every new patient to our office (with the exception of an emergency) will receive a comprehensive exam and xrays.

What happens during an exam?

Our exam consists of 5 main parts:
1. We take a look at the condition of each tooth. We will be looking at condition of fillings and crowns, decay, cracks, wear and abscesses.
2. Next we are going to check the health of your gums. We will be looking for signs of infection, bleeding, receding gums and disease affecting the bone around the teeth.
3. We will check your bite or how your teeth come together. This is one of the main ways that people can lose teeth. A bad bite can cause trauma to a tooth resulting in cracks, mobility and certain types of gum issues.
4. Next we will check for cancer of the mouth. This cancer is more common than previously known and can be debilitating or terminal if not diagnosed early.
5. Finally we will evaluate your smile and discuss the possibilities for enhancing it’s appearance.